Obtaining a Bachelor, Postgraduate, Masters and PhD Degree in Germany

Germany being revered as a land of ideas is a great place for your post graduate studies. It meets with her promises about providing excellent study climate for students along with very amiable community so students can blend very serious academic life with very flexible society.

There are lots of benefits that makes Germany a top education destination from students across the world, it includes:
– Access to very professional educational delivery
– High standards for education and delivery
– Access to almost tuition free education
– Access to the broader European continent, students can glean on experiences from diverse culture and become thorough blends during their study periods.
– Both Public and Private universities adhere to very strict government standards that aims at producing quality students that can compete with their peers across the globe.
– Wide variety of courses can be studied and the culture accommodates students from across the globe.

Obtaining a degree in Germany is very easy; you can choose to study in either private or public universities.

Obtaining Degree in Germany

The structure of universities in Germany allows each university to run very successful educational systems because they focus on education purely, for example in public universities, all public universities sets up their students’ assessment, entry requirements, examinations and education in its entirety while the state provides the institution funding, and monitors the quality of education delivery and fees, they also regulate the accreditation of courses so each varsity adheres to their ranking level.

Types of institution offering post graduate studies in Germany.
1. Technical Universities – These are institution that focuses purely on sciences, technology and engineering course of study.

2. Research Universities – As their name implies, they provide education to students with degrees like Masters and PhD. Most research universities are publicly funded.

3. University of Applied Sciences – These institutions focus on engineering, social sciences and business related courses. Many times they affiliate with commercial and professional organizations. They do not award PhDs but occasionally they affiliate with other organization to deliver PhD courses. A good amount of these institutions are privately owned.

4. Colleges of art – These institutions focus on delivery of education in disciplines in Arts, Music and Film. Many times they are either Research Universities or Universities of Applied Sciences this makes them run independent structure and in many times they require students to possess a set of skills and experience to be granted admission.

Choice of university for post graduate studies
Making the choice about the right kind of institution to attend is not hard since many universities provide equal educational opportunities. Your choice of post graduate studies can be influenced by your field of studies, finance, skill set and your overall academic performance, it is important to check through websites of different post graduate institution and find out which offers the best opportunity.

Highly specialized courses automatically imply students will attend specialized institutions.

Requirements to Study in Germany
  1. For International Students without IELTS, read Study in Germany without TOEFL/IELTS for International Students
  2. Click here to See Requirements To Study In Germany for International Students
  3. Click here to Apply Student Visa To Study Free In Germany
What is the duration of a Master degree in Germany?
  • It doesn’t take long, depending on your academic discipline you may study between 12months and 24months.
  • Ultimately you will enjoy the benefits of studying in a highly practical institution because this is what Germany offers. New technology, experiences, research materials are available at your disposal during your post graduate studies.
Wishing you all the best in your academic pursuit.

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