Best Websites That Offers Free Online Classes

There are various reasons why one would want to venture into an online Free classes but they all boil down to a comfortable type of learning.

Some individuals rarely find time during the day because of their rather tight schedules, and evening classes have never sounded kosher, because they aren’t Backed up with distances, inconveniences, studying in the university can actually be very tough when you have children top look after or tasks to complete for your boss at the work bless.

Well, courtesy of online Free classes, it is now possible to study at your own convenient time, pace and  place without overstretching yourself.

The internet, having made the world a global village, has made the aspect of learning more affordable and interesting Studying over the internet, however, it can be very boring if all you have to do is to read hand-outs and answer questions which are then auto-marked and graded without any guidelines whatsoever.

The essence of these online free classes are meant to engage you as much as possible, just like any other typical classroom set-up learning.

A good platform is one that allows students to interact with their tutors or trainers and even among themselves. If a site can provide discussion groups platform the better.

One advantage of those platforms is that you get to interact with students who have the same interests as you from all over the country and apart from discussing academic problems only.
However, some sites charge quite a fortune in these platforms and so majority of people may not afford to study after all. It is however interesting to note that there are sites that offer almost all of their best courses absolutely free with no even one time payments.

In this article we discuss EDX; the top website that offers online free classes and what makes it remarkable and the number one choice.

EDX is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform that understands what students experience when they attend online classes. This is absolutely the basis of their success in the field. By trying to solve the analyzed problems that online students go through, they emerge with quite satisfactory solutions.

It offers interactive online classes which are offered and verified by world’s best universities such as Havard.

Being a non-profit organization, EDX aims at providing absolutely free courses on several disciplines to enable all the interested students to pursue their interest without limitation. However, if a student uses the platform and finds it quite helpful and resourceful, he or she can always give back to the company by donating a small amount which will be used to make the company even better.

The site do not portray annoying adverts hence a very conducive platform for studying.
An EDX trainer benefits by having good time with international students as well as pitching their voices! They are also able to understand students better by the experience they gain from the platform.

Their universities are also publicized and if given good rating, the overall image of the institution is highly improved. On their own personal levels, trainers can build their social links by asking the students to follow them on their social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter for real time updates on the changes made in the course they have enrolled in. The real impact though is that of seeing students take your course, pass it and become more educated and literate than before.

The online platform offers wide range of courses which include physics, maths, biology, business, chemistry, humanities, statistics, writing, speaking courses, medicine, music, philosophy, science, literature, law and much more. You can essentially find any course that you desire in the platform.

Furthermore, EDX is designed based on MITX. This is a technological  platform designed to offer various versions of courses which include video lessons, hand outs, embedded testing process, student paced learning, weekly lessons, real-time feedback, questions and answers and much more.

These therefore make the platform quite engaging and interesting.
Certification process is also very important as this adds you an added advantage in the job market. Certificates proof that you did go through the course and managed to excel in it. Initially, edx used to provide certificates for free but now charges start from $29 and above depending on the course. It is important to note that you will only pay the fee if you want a certificate. If you don’t, you can still study the course for free! To start learning today, simply go to EDX Website

Other Common Places to Study Online:
1. Fun Brain
2. Academic Earth
3. Udemy
4. Khan Academy
5. Coursera
6. Alison
7. LessonPaths

Kindly analyzing each of these sites, you might be surprised that a course which requires paid certification is absolutely free on the other. It is therefore important that you take time to choose the best platform that is more efficient, attractive and affordable in order to emerge out more enlightened than before.

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