How To Get 3GB for N1400 On GLO - Glo 3gb for N1400

It came to my notice that majority of Nigerians don’t know that the Glo BIS Subscription of 3GB for only N1400 can also be used on Android phones, Tablets and PC. Well as a blogger I know how much I need data. No internet means No blogging. I also understand the fact that some people are so scared of even turning on their data because of how expensive data subscription is. Most Nigerian students prefer glo N1400 naira subscription for android to that of any other android subscription on Glo. I guess it’s because of its cheapness. I’ll share the glo N1400 naira subscription code below for all that are looking for it and the procedures to it..

Note: To enjoy 3GB ON YOUR GLO SIM WITH JUST N1400 without stress, you must be on Glo Bounce. Dial *166# to migrate now.

Now Let Me Show You How To Get 3GB for N1400 Only On GLO
Make sure you follow up the STEPS below, don’t be fast in reading them, read it gently and apply them correctly
==> Have phone  rooted {compulsory}.
==> Download MobileUncle tools from Google or playstore.
==> The phone or android device must be an mediatek device.

==> Open mobileuncle tools app
==> Scroll down to engineering mode and click
==> Two options will Appear..  Engineering mode[Android]  and engineering mode[mtk]
==> Choose the second one.. Engineering mode mtk and click on it..
==> You will see Telephony, Connectivity etc option as heading
==> Swipe right to connectivity..
==> Under it you will see CDS information.. Click on it.... It opens another page.... Click on radio information
==> Then you have two options shown to you if it's a dual Sim phone
==> Phone 1 and phone 2..option
==> Choose the Sim slot you want to edit, example... Sim 1.. choose phone 1
==> You will see an interface showing something like this AT+EMGR=1,7""
==> Just edit it and change to something like this...AT+EMGR=1,7"BlackberryImeiNos"

You can Download BBgin for generation of fresh bb imei number 


==> Put a space between the AT+EMGR  i.e to change to AT+ EMGR[follow that pattern and it will work out fine]
==> Then click below it  on send at command..
==> Same applies for Sim 2 or phone...
==> Only difference is that... The command line option for Sim 2 will be..
==> AT+EMGR=1,10"BlackberryImeiNos"
==> Then click send at command...
==> Then keep pressing back till you exit the mobile uncle tools app
==> Reboot the phone to finally make the process complete
==> Once the phone is back on... 
Go back to settings and created a new APN or access point
Profile name : Glo BIS
==> Save and use as default apn

How to Suscribe to Glo 3gig for 1400 naira
==> You can now subscribe your Glo line on a BlackBerry (BB) phone 
==> Load N1400 and send Comonth to 777
==> Once the activation is done on the line and,
==> Wait for them to send you another Message (i.e confirmation message of your BlackBerry subscription) like this: Dear Glo subscriber, Your Blackberry service has been activated.......... that mean your BlackBerry subscription is now active and can see your validity by sending STATUS to 777

How To Set-up Or Use Glo Bis On Android Phone
To get started, make sure you subscribe to it on a blackberry phone, as I said above.
==> Use it to browse with that blackberry for some minute before you remove the SIM. 
==> After that, Remove the sim and slot/ Insert into your Android phone.
==> Configure the APN of your Android phone like this:
Name - Glo Bis
Apn -
==> Activate it as your default setting.
After you might have done the above Steps successfully, you should be up and browsing in no time.

Hurray!!!! You can now Enjoy your 3GB ON YOUR GLO SIM WITH JUST N1400 without stress.

Note:- To check your Data Balance SmS STATUS to 777.
Don’t forget to create or Edit your access point with the below settings. 
Name - Glo Bis
Apn -

Can I Activate Glo Bis on My Android After Changing My IMEI???
You can do that but It’s more advisable to subscribe on blackberry device before inserting it on your Android device.

Question: Can i subscribe directly on my Android phone after???

Answer: Yes but after the first subscription, i.e to get started, you must subscribe to it on a blackberry phone, then after you can subscribe directly on your Android phone.

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