How I Got Glo 6GB For Just N1,500 - Works On All Devices

You are probably reading this because you are data conscious, you want something more affordable that you can download with or something that will work perfectly on your device.
Well, think no further because this post comes right in time. Glo has been a life safer for some of us since 1900BC and I'll like to unlock this awesome feature to those who don't know it exist.
To those who already know it exist or using it, you deserve a cool glass of juice in such a week like this...I'm going to show you how I got 6GB for N1,500 using my Glo line.

The first thing that will perhaps comes to your mind is does glo have plan like this? The question can only be answered spiritually and not physically.. Lol…… Let me hit to the post.

How Can I Get 6GB For N1,500?.
You are all aware that you can get 3GB for N1,000 by dialing *777*21# or send Comonth or BBCmonth to 777... I can hear someone saying a big YES! Good...

So I first of all subscribed for Glo 3GB for N1k on my device and then activated the Glo weekend plan of N500 for 3GB by dialing *777# and then follow the prompt....

The weekend plan was activated the moment I connected to the net..

Note: You cannot use the two plan at the same time.
What I did was to pause my Blackberry subscription by changing my apn to glosecure.
Immediately the plan was activated and the speed is completely out of this world..

Question: Who Should Use This Plan?
Anyone who wishes to enjoy the 6GB for N1,500 and those who have something big to download over the weekend.

If Airtel 1GB for N100 didn't work for you, this will work out for you...

Question: Will it work on my Smart Device?
Yes, it works on all device.


  1. But you didn't state if the weekend plan can be use at anytime or its works only on weekends, and the validity period. More so how to actually activate the weekend plan. I mean the code.

    Nice and great writeup. Thanks for putting up.


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