Download 2go Messenger for PC to Chat with Facebook/GTalk friends

2go is one of the most popular Social Network as well as one of the most popular Mobile Messenger which allows users to chat, share files and communicate with friends and loved ones. 2go mobile messenger application has millions of  registered users. 2go mobile messenger is a lightweight mobile messenger that makes keeping in touch with your friends easy. 2go mobile messenger now allows you to chat with Facebook/GTalk friends for free.

You should follow this link to download 2go to your mobile phone, url which will also redirect you to (on PC)

So, how can i download 2go to my pc and start chatting with my Facebook/GTalk friends?
Follow the steps below TO DOWNLOAD 2GO ON YOUR PC
1. Install an application called Java Runtime on your PC before you can use 2go on it.

2. Download 2go application software on your PC by visiting this url on your pc. On this 2go webpage, you will be required to log in with your Mobile Number, Country and 2go Password. If your data entry is correct, you would be redirected to the 2go software download page. Locate and click on 2go download logo as instructed to start the download process.

3. After you have successfully download your 2go application, transfer the files to your desktop/PC for quick access. Ensure to run the application and it will automatically download the full 2go software to your PC for the first time within 10 seconds. At this point you will see the 2go micro emulator interface launched automatically. You can begin chatting immediately...

4. If you have a supported version of JAVA (JRE) on your PC, the 2go MicroEmulator will be downloaded to your PC without having to download the the JAVA (JRE). Else if you do not have a supported version of JAVA software on your PC/Desktop, you will be automatically redirected to download and install it to your PC before you will be able to download and install the 2go MicroEmulator.

Once you successfully install the2go MicroEmulator, you can launch it to start chatting with your friends.

Note: It’s not advisable to install this 2go for PC on a shared PC/cyber cafe PCs. The reason is that anytime someone launches the 2go application, they will not be prompted to log in with their 2go account details again, rather, users will be logged in automatically the account of the user that installed it.

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