GSM Abbreviations And Their Meaning

GSM terminology and some ot the ICT (information communication and technology) abbreviation words and their full meanings.
Some of the abbreviation words are:

1. GSM: Global system for mobile communication.
2. 3G phones: Third generation phones.
3. CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access Line.
4. SIM: Subscribers Identity Module.
5. MCC: Mobile Country Code.
6. MNC: Mobile Network Code.
7. IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity.
8. UASL: Unified Access Service License.
9. ICC: International Card Configuration.
10. LCD: Liquid Crystal Display (Screen).
11. BUZZER: Ringer of a Phone.
12. ICT: Information Communication and Technology.
13. SNO: Second National Operator.
14. TCP: Telecom Consumer Parliament.
15. NCA: Nigeria Communication Act.
16. NiGCOMSAT: Nigeria Communication Satellites.
17. IC: Integrated Circuit (meaning that it has so many component).


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