Steps To Take After Generating Unlock Code Of Your Glo Modem, Mtn Fastlink, Zain Modem, Etisalat Modem, Visa Modem With IMEI Number.

In my previous post, i detailed it to you on how to generate the unlock code of your Modem by yourself, click here to read it now before you proceed to read this post.
I have detailed it here for you on the Steps to take after generating the unlock code for your modem.
After generating the unlock of your Modem, Maybe MTN Fastlink, GLO 3G Plus, Zain or Etisalat Modem, the next thing is to unlock it before you can use it to browse with other networks, you have to do this:

For Example:
You bought GLO 3G Plus Modem and you have generated the unlock code here, for it to make use of another simcard, just follow this simple steps:
1. Remove that GLO simcard inside the modem.

2. Insert any simcard, let say MTN simcard(Any simcard), slot it in its position.

3. Now plug in the GLO 3G Plus modem at the side of your PC, wait for let 10 seconds.

4. A Pop-up will appear asking you to input the Unlock Code,
Something like these

(Insert the Code you Generate from here into the box) and Click OK.

5. Your have now successfully unlocked your Modem.

6. Dont exist that GLO 3G Plus modem menu yet, it is not yet over.

7. Now Click on Tools => Click Options => Click Profile Management => Click on New at the Top right hand side.

8. For MTN simcard, just type "MTN", For Etisalat just type "ETISALAT", For Airtel just type "AIRTEL" and For Glo just type "GLO".

9. Under APN, tick Dynamic (for all networks).

10. Under Authentication, type *99# inside "Access Number" box (for all networks).

11. Leave Username and Password blank (for all networks).
      Or you configure it manually like this =>

For MTN 
Profile Name: MTN
Username : web
Password : web

For Globacom
Profile Name: Glo
APN:  gloflat
Username : :flat
Password : flat

For Airtel 
Profile Name: Airtel
Username : internet
Password : internet

For Etisalat 
Profile Name: Etisalat
APN:  etisalat
Username :web (you can also leave it blank)
Password : web (you can also leave it blank)

12. Click on Save, go back to the Menu and Choose the Network Profile you have created,
in the Profile Management and click on Connect. Watch and see how it will connect immediately.

1. If any small window DID NOT pop up, then it simply means your modem is not locked.
To confirm this, you should also see the name of the new network, lets say Glo, appearing next to the network bars at the lower left corner of the modem's dashboard.

2. You only have 10 attempts to unlock your modem. This simply means if you input the WRONG code 10 times, then your modem will be locked FOREVER. Be warned!!!!!!!!!!

3. Click New if you want to set up another network.

4. The Unlocking software will always calculate the right Unlocking code for you.
So, i will advice you get the right unlocking software here or you meet people that have the right software to unlock it for you.

Am using a Glo Modem and I have used ALL the networks(Mtn, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel) with it.
Glo Modem has interface for making calls i.e you can call any mobile phone through your Pc using an ear piece, click here to know more.
You can check your account balance and load vouchers anytime.
Glo Modem also has a special support for Windows 7, it works perfectly with it.

That All!!!!!

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