How To Use Three Networks In One Simcard.

This is something i tried and found it working before posting it for you to read.
In this post i have detailed it on how to use three networks in one simcard. Yes it sounds funny but it is true, its works for me. Try it after you have read this post very well and understand it.

Do you have MTN, AIRTEL and GLO network sim cards and want to use only MTN to answer GLO and AIRTEL calls?

Then follow these steps:

1. Switch Off your phone and remove the sim card you want retain in your phone(MTN), then insert any of the sim cards you want to keep in your house(Airtel or Glo) to your phone and switch it on.

2. Now Dial **62*then enter the number you want to retain in the phone, press# and send it.
E.g **62*07062992551#, then send it.

3. Repeat this procedure for all sim cards you want to keep at home(Airtel or Glo).

4. Remove the sim card and put back the sim you want retain on the phone and switch it on.

Whenever somebody call any of the sim cards numbers(Airtel or Glo), it will automatically ring as if the sim card that is in your phone(Mtn) and you will simply receive it as a normal call.

Anytime you want to cancel it, just dial any of this codes below:
(i). ##62#
(ii). ##67#
(iii). ##21#
and send it.

Note: You can also buy phone that can accommodate two or three sim cards.

I hope it works for you.

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  1. i know about this stuff. i used to use it before but they always charge me highly each time i receive calls on my active line, so i stopped using it. its simply call forwarding.


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