How To Make Phone Calls With Glo 3G Plus Internet Modem.

If you have a Globacom 3G High Speed Internet Modem, here is a good news for you. After reading this trick from my friend blog(ogbongeblog), i bought Glo 3G High Speed Internet Modem, apply it and found it working. In this post, i want to share to you how to call any mobile phone through your Pc just a click of a button.

One of the reasons why i like Glo 3G Modem is because of this PC to mobile phone call feature.
Another reasons are:

- You can load vouchers (i.e Glo recharge card) directly on your Glo Modem
- You can buy your internet bundles directly on your Glo Modem without sending codes
i.e you click on the button of the bundle you want and it gets activated for you asap.
- Once unlocked, you can use it with any network(MTN, Etisalat and Airtel) i.e you can insert
any sim card(MTN, Etisalat and Airtel) in to it and browse, unlike some other networks modems which will still fail
to accept some SIMS even after been unlocked.
- You will get N50 each time you recharge up to N500; N100 each time you recharge up to N1000;
which you can use to call your love ones directly from your Pc.

How You Can Make The Calls:
Plug in your Glo 3G modem, when lanched you will see this Interface
Click on the Call button as indicated in this picture below.

Thereafter, you will see something like this:


Type the phone number you want to call and click the Call button as indicated in the picture above. Wait for some seconds, normally as if you want to do normal call with your mobile phone, it will ring. Start talking with the person once him or her pick your call.

Note: You do not necessarily need to use external mic before you can make the calls because some laptop has an in-built microphone. It depends on your laptop type, My own Acer mini laptop has in-built microphone, hence I make and receive calls with my modem without any external mic.

I hope it works for you.

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  1. I think everyone that uses the modem knows how to use it to make calls or send text messages because it has a very simple interface.
    Why don't you come up with something like browsing free with the modem or something tougher. Thanks

  2. and I saw this link @ that made me to browse completely free with my GLO modem @ a very fast speed.Check it out and come and give testimony.


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